Plants Save Money by Improving Productivity & Reducing Absenteeism

Live, healthy indoor plants can save you money by reducing employee absenteeism and lost productivity and improving the overall health, wellbeing, and creativity of your staff.

International and Australian Research shows that humans are more calm, productive and creative in the presence of lush, healthy plants. Specifically, research comparing employee absenteeism and general mental health between offices with and without plants showed that employees who have living plants in their workplaces exhibit:

All of these plant benefits generate real savings for employers and business owners. They also have the extra advantage of helping create and sustain healthy, happy staff and workplace environments so hiring plants reduces overall costs and increases productivity–totally cost effective.

Plants Save Money by Preventing Sick Buildings

Plants naturally filter toxins and pollutants called Volitile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s common in all modern indoor environments.

VOC’s are responsible for employee absence due to symptoms associated with sick buildings syndrome such as allergies, asthma, fatigue, headache and sinusitis and contain a mixture of toxins like benzene, toluene, and xylene.

Office products and indoor furnishings including floor coverings, curtains, paint, computer screens, inks, paper towels and photocopiers secrete VOCs into the air and make us sick, tired and lethargic. This costs employers and businesses thousands of dollars in lost productivity and absenteeism.

Installing plants will naturally cleanse and filter the air in your room or office and provide your employees with the clean, fresh oxygen they need to thrive.

Plants Save Money by Satisfying Human Needs

All humans have an intrinsic need for affinity with nature. This need is called biophilia.

A study at the Bank of America found that employees exhibited significant productivity gains, less absenteeism, less health problems and a better sense of well-being after their biophillic needs were met by installing plants inside buildings and offices at the bank.

Ultimately, satisfying employee’s biophillic needs with plants translates to productivity increases and bottom line savings.

Plants Save Money by Increasing Creativity & Innovation

In 2008, Nordic academics found that good interior design incorporating plants, bright lighting conditions, windows, and cooler colors, stimulated employee creativity and could therefore contribute to an organisation’s capacity to innovate and generate positive outcomes for their bottom line.

Plants Save Money by Decreasing Stress

A study conducted by Dr. Virginia Lohr showed that research participants who worked in the presence of plants were up to 12 percent less stressed and more productive than those who did the same work in an environment without plants. Reducing employee stress lessens instance of staff turnover, absenteeism and increases staff morale.

Other ways Pynes Indoor Garden Hire & Garden Management Solutions Save you Money:

Swap & Rejuvenate Tired Plants

Our careful team of professional horticulturalists monitor your indoor garden’s health and will swap tired or sick plants for fresh ones before you notice any deterioration and rejuvenate them back to health in our Cairns nursery. Buying new plants to replace sick ones is expensive; especially if the plant is large. Pynes Indoor Garden Hire & Garden Management solutions eliminate this expense.

Reduce & Protect Your Garden Investment Costs

Buying new plants is expensive, especially if you need large or rare tropical plants. Hiring a permanent indoor garden or securing outdoor landscape maintenance solutions from Pynes Indoor Garden Hire & Garden Management will significantly reduce your overall outlay and protect the health and lifespan of your garden investment by regularly checking, maintaining and rejuvenating your plants.

We have Plenty of Time to Care

Think about the financial and time costs you could incur sourcing and buying new plants and thoroughly maintaining your interior and exterior gardens yourself. Presuming that you selected all the right plants to suit your environment and none of them died, compare the potential business gains you could generate if you spent that time working – how big is your gap? Hiring professional, careful horticulturalists from Pynes Indoor Garden Hire & Garden Management to choose the right plants for your environment, set up and then manage your garden will save you money now and in the future. We’ll likely save you a lot of stress too!