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The perfect plant hire solution for your business since 1996

Pynes Indoor Plant Hire and Garden Management Cairns can help you save money whilst still receiving the best service.

Let Pynes Indoor Plant Hire & Garden Management help save yourself money, reduce toxins and breathe healthy life into your room, property or office with indoor plants and garden hire.

From three indoor plants in containers through to full garden displays, Pynes Indoor Plant Hire & Garden Management have tropical plants of all sizes for hire in our Cairns nursery to give you the perfect plantscape solution.

Our professional, neatly presented horticulturalists visit regularly to quietly and carefully take total care of your plants and indoor gardens.

Tired plants will be swapped for healthy new ones so all you need to do is enjoy them and their benefits.

Experience the Pynes plant hire difference today. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and we can advise on how we can best assist you.

Pynes plant hire solutions for the following applications:
  • Offices & shopfronts
  • Hotels & resorts
  • Shopping Centres
  • Call centres
  • Conference & meeting rooms
  • Government departments
  • Hospitals
  • Events
  • Television & movie sets
  • Television advertising productions
  • Display homes & staging
  • Private homes & guest houses
  • Workshops & training seminars
  • Plus so much more…
All Pynes plant hire solutions include:
  • Plant installation and delivery
  • Regular visits by professional, qualified horticulturalists
  • Customised plant selection detailing plant locations, types and colour schemes best for your needs and environment
  • Total plant management – watering, pruning, cleaning & waste removal
  • Plant health diagnosis and treatment
  • Non-toxic pest sprays and organic plant foods
  • Rehabilitation nursery – tired plants rejuvenate at our place, not yours
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Discounts for large long-term contracts
  • Convenient payments – Visa, MasterCard, direct deposit and cheque
Breathe life into your workspace!

Australian Research shows that installing lush, healthy plants into offices and buildings has a significant positive effect on business bottom lines because humans are more relaxed, productive and creative in their presence. More specifically, it has been proven that employees who have living plants in their workplaces exhibit:

  • More positive general outlook (less depressive behaviour)
  • Improved mental well being
  • Lower stress levels
  • Improved physical health
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Increased creativity & productivity

(Source: Australian National Interior Plantscaping Association)

The benefits of plants in a workplace
Prevent Sick Buildings - Satisfy Human Needs - Increase Creativity & Innovation - Decrease Stress


Businesses in Cairns who use Pynes Indoor Plant Hire and Garden Management
Where you will have seen our dedication to plants includes the following local Cairns businesses
Indoor Plant Hire
Let us help save yourself money, reduce toxins and breathe healthy life into your room, property or office with indoor plant hire.
Garden Maintenance
Outdoor garden landscaping & maintenance is the perfect way to create beauty and add value to your property.
Event Hire
Decorate your Cairns wedding, party, or North Queensland business event with fresh, healthy tropical plants.
Our Plants
Have a browse through the full range of plants available from Pynes Indoor Plant Hire and Garden Management
“We can help you maintain a harmonious space that will improve guest and client comfort while optimising staff efficiency.”
Catherine - Owner at Pynes Indoor Plant Hire and Garden Management
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Our sister company
In 2020 Pynes Indoor Plant Hire & Garden Management acquired Cairns Indoor Plant Hire to better service our customers

Cairns Indoor Plant Hire by Pynes will assess your specific environment, including lighting, measurements and existing design to customise your requirements within the space you have available.


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